Americans Divided on Age and Legal Issues Surrounding Biden and Trump

Americans Divided on Age and Legal Issues

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted after the release of the Hur Report reveals that a majority of Americans (59%) believe that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for another term as president. This finding, which comes after allegations in Special Counsel Hur’s report of President Joe Biden’s memory lapses, suggests that age will continue to be a factor in the 2024 election.

Interestingly, an additional quarter of Americans (27%) say that only Biden is too old to serve another term, while not holding the same opinion about Trump. Only a small fraction of Americans (11%) believe that neither candidate is too old. Partisanship plays a significant role in these assessments, with the majority of Republicans (62%) stating that only Biden is too old, while the majority of Democrats (69%) and Independents (70%) believe that both candidates are too old.

The poll also asked Americans about their opinions on the substance of the Hur Report. The results show a divided nation, with similar shares of respondents saying that Biden should have been charged with a crime for his handling of classified documents after leaving office as vice president (38%), saying he should not have been charged (34%), or expressing uncertainty (28%).

Shifting to a different legal topic, a clear majority of Americans (66%) believe that Donald Trump should not have immunity from criminal prosecution for actions he took while president. This sentiment aligns with a recent federal appeals court ruling that reached the same conclusion.

In light of a failed deal to strengthen border restrictions in exchange for funding for Israel and Ukraine, Americans are somewhat divided on who to blame. About half of Americans (49%) place a significant amount of blame on President Biden and both parties in Congress for not passing legislation aimed at reducing illegal border crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border. Similarly, similar shares of respondents blame Democrats in Congress (51%) and Republicans in Congress (53%), with slightly fewer blaming Donald Trump (38%).

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The findings of this poll highlight the ongoing concerns about the age of presidential candidates and the potential impact it may have on the 2024 election. It also sheds light on the divided opinions regarding legal issues surrounding both Biden and Trump. These results indicate the importance of these factors in shaping public opinion and the potential influence they may have on future political developments.

In conclusion, the ABC News/Ipsos poll reveals that a majority of Americans believe that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for another term as president. The poll also shows divided opinions on whether Biden should have been charged with a crime and whether Trump should have immunity from criminal prosecution. Additionally, Americans are split on who to blame for the failed border deal. These findings provide valuable insights into the current political landscape and the factors that may shape the upcoming 2024 election.

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