Animal Box Office Collection Day 15: Ranbir Kapoor’s Controversial Film Sets Sights on Massive Milestones

Animal Box Office Collection Day 15: Ranbir Kapoor’s Controversial Film Sets Sights on Massive Milestones

Animal, the highly anticipated film starring Ranbir Kapoor, has been making waves since its release. With its controversial subject matter and stellar performances, the movie has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. As it enters its fifteenth day at the box office, Animal is aiming to achieve unprecedented milestones in terms of both domestic and worldwide collections.

Domestically, Animal is eyeing a staggering target of Rs 500 crore. The film has been receiving positive word-of-mouth and has been steadily attracting audiences to theaters. Its gripping storyline, combined with Ranbir Kapoor’s powerful portrayal, has struck a chord with viewers, resulting in strong box office numbers.

The blockbuster film Animal, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, starring actor Ranbir Kapoor, is expected to hit the Rs 500 crore mark at the domestic box office this weekend. On its 15th day of release, the film reached a total of Rs 484.34 crore. Despite facing criticism for its portrayal of women and glorification of toxic masculinity, Animal has been performing exceptionally well at the box office.

According to the latest report from the trade website Sacnilk, the Indian box office numbers for the movie “Animal” on its 15th day of release are estimated to be around 7.5 crore rupees. This impressive feat has helped the film achieve a worldwide gross of 784.45 crore rupees in the first two weeks since its release. While this is a remarkable achievement, it is worth noting that Friday marked the film’s lowest single-day haul, which is a cause for concern for the producers. Despite this, “Animal” is expected to surpass the 800 crore rupee mark this weekend, which is a massive milestone for any movie.

Moreover, “Animal” is set to become the third Bollywood film of the year, behind “Pathaan” and “Jawan,” to gross more than 100 million dollars globally. This is a testament to the movie’s popularity across the globe, and it has undoubtedly cemented its position as one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. With its star-studded cast and captivating storyline, “Animal” has managed to captivate audiences worldwide, and its success is a testament to the hard work put in by the cast and crew.

On the global front, Animal is set to surpass the Rs 800 crore mark. The film’s appeal extends beyond Indian audiences, and it has been receiving acclaim from international viewers as well. The sheer scale of the film, coupled with its gritty narrative, has resonated with audiences across borders, contributing to its impressive worldwide collections.

The extraordinary success of the movie Animal at the box office is a testament to the growing appetite for unconventional and thought-provoking cinema. The film has managed to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression on their minds with its captivating storyline and powerful performances.

Animal’s ability to spark discussions and challenge societal norms has propelled them to new heights. It has become a talking point among moviegoers, who appreciate the film’s bold storytelling and exceptional acting. Ranbir Kapoor’s daring choice to take on such a controversial role has paid off, and his performance in the film has been widely praised.

As Animal continues its triumphant run, it is well-positioned to become one of the highest-grossing films of the year. The movie’s thought-provoking narrative has resonated with audiences, and its ability to challenge conventional thinking has made it even more popular. The success of Animal proves that cinemagoers are looking for something more than just entertainment; they want to be challenged and provoked by the movies they watch.

In conclusion, Animal is a prime example of how unconventional and thought-provoking cinema can be successful at the box office. The film’s captivating storyline, exceptional acting, and ability to challenge societal norms have made it a popular choice among moviegoers. It is a reminder that bold storytelling can truly captivate and inspire audiences.

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