Fog Alert! Flight and Train Operations Affected in Delhi Due to Low Visibility

Fog Alert! Flight and Train Operations Affected in Delhi Due to Low Visibility

Fog Alert

Delhiites woke up to a chilly morning with a thick layer of dense fog enveloping the city. The temperature dropped to almost 7 degrees, causing visibility issues and disrupting flight and train operations in the national capital.

The Delhi airport, one of the busiest airports in the country, experienced delays in both arrivals and departures due to the low visibility caused by the fog. Approximately 30 flights were affected, inconveniencing passengers and disrupting travel plans.

Foggy conditions pose a significant challenge for pilots and air traffic control as they reduce visibility, making it difficult for aircraft to take off and land safely. In such situations, airlines often have to delay or divert flights to alternate airports until the fog clears.

Similarly, train operations were also affected due to the foggy weather. Trains running on major routes experienced delays, causing inconvenience to commuters. The reduced visibility affects the signalling system, forcing trains to slow down or halt at certain sections for safety reasons.

It is not uncommon for Delhi to experience dense fog during the winter months. The combination of low temperatures and high moisture levels creates the perfect conditions for fog formation. The city’s geographical location, with its proximity to the Yamuna River and the presence of numerous water bodies, exacerbates the foggy conditions.

During foggy weather, it is crucial for travelers to stay updated with the latest information regarding flight and train schedules. Passengers are advised to check with their respective airlines or railway authorities for any delays or cancellations before heading to the airport or railway station.

For those traveling during foggy conditions, it is advisable to plan for potential delays and allow for extra time to reach their destination. It is also essential to take necessary precautions while driving in foggy weather, such as reducing speed, using fog lights, and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.

The authorities, including the airport and railway authorities, are constantly monitoring the situation and taking necessary measures to minimize the impact of fog on operations. The airport has advanced navigation systems and equipment to assist pilots in navigating through foggy conditions.

Additionally, airlines and railway companies have contingency plans in place to manage the disruptions caused by fog. These plans include rescheduling flights and trains, providing accommodation to affected passengers, and ensuring their safety and comfort during the delays.

As the winter season progresses, Delhi will likely continue to experience foggy conditions. Travelers are advised to stay informed and prepared for any potential disruptions to their travel plans. By staying updated and following the instructions and guidelines provided by the authorities, passengers can minimize the inconvenience caused by foggy weather.

In conclusion, the dense fog in Delhi has affected flight and train operations, causing delays and inconvenience for passengers. Travelers need to stay informed, plan, and take necessary precautions while traveling during foggy conditions. The authorities are working diligently to minimize the impact of fog on operations and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

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