IIT Madras Launches ‘Sanjaya’ Location Intelligence Platform for Road Safety in Haryana

Road Safety in Haryana

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras’ Centre of Excellence for Road Safety (CoERS) has recently unveiled a groundbreaking location intelligence platform called ‘Sanjaya’ in Haryana. This platform aims to assist road-owning agencies, law enforcement, emergency care providers, and other road safety stakeholders in visualizing high-frequency accident zones. By doing so, it enables them to plan targeted interventions effectively.

‘Sanjaya’ serves as a comprehensive platform that allows stakeholders to identify crash black spots and emerging black spots. This information is crucial for determining the types of interventions required and their respective locations. Additionally, the platform offers tools for performing various analyses such as kilometer analysis, corridor analysis, cluster analysis, and point radius analysis. These analyses are presented through visualizations in the form of heat maps and trend patterns.

The launch of ‘Sanjaya’ has received a commendation from Shri Sanjeev Kaushal, IAS, Chief Secretary of the Government of Haryana. He recognizes the significance of this tool in providing nuanced insights and targeted strategies for enhancing road safety. With the ability to identify critical hotspots with higher crash rates, ‘Sanjaya’ will play a vital role in directing attention to these regions and implementing effective measures to reduce accidents.

India currently holds the unfortunate distinction of having the highest number of road crashes and fatalities in the world. According to crash data from 2022 published by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), nearly 60% of fatalities occurred on just 5% of the roads, specifically the National and State Highways. This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for focused interventions in these areas.

Furthermore, the data reveals that the working-age group of 18 to 60 accounts for a staggering 83.4% of total road crash fatalities in the country. This statistic not only emphasizes the devastating impact on families and society but also imposes significant socioeconomic costs on the nation. It is imperative to address this issue comprehensively and implement measures that prioritize the safety of road users.

The introduction of the ‘Sanjaya location intelligence platform is a major milestone in the journey towards enhancing road safety. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive visualization of accident data, which enables road safety stakeholders to gain valuable insights into areas of concern and develop targeted strategies to address them. The platform’s analytical tools provide decision-makers with the ability to assess the effectiveness of interventions implemented and make informed decisions regarding road safety measures.

With ‘Sanjaya’, road safety stakeholders can easily identify high-risk locations, road segments, and intersections where accidents frequently occur. The platform’s advanced analytical capabilities allow them to delve deeper into the data and get a clear picture of the underlying causes of these accidents. This knowledge can be used to develop targeted interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of each location.

‘Sanjaya’ is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all levels of users. The platform provides various reports and dashboards that are easy to understand, even for those who are not data experts. This means that decision-makers can quickly access the information they need to make informed decisions regarding road safety measures.

Overall, the ‘Sanjaya location intelligence platform is a powerful tool that empowers road safety stakeholders to enhance road safety, reduce accidents, and save lives. By leveraging its advanced analytical capabilities, decision-makers can develop targeted interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of each location and make informed decisions regarding road safety measures.

The launch of ‘Sanjaya’ in Haryana is a testament to IIT Madras’ commitment to road safety and its dedication to leveraging technology for the greater good. This initiative has the potential to revolutionize road safety practices not only in Haryana but also across the country. By utilizing location intelligence and data-driven insights, road-owning agencies, law enforcement, emergency care providers, and other stakeholders can collaborate effectively to make roads safer for everyone.

In conclusion, the introduction of the ‘Sanjaya location intelligence platform by IIT Madras’ Centre of Excellence for Road Safety is a significant milestone in the quest for improved road safety in India. By harnessing the power of data and visualization, this platform equips stakeholders with the tools necessary to identify and address high-frequency accident zones. With the potential to save countless lives and reduce the socioeconomic burden associated with road crashes, ‘Sanjaya’ represents a crucial step towards a safer and more secure transportation system in India.

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