India to Lead Delegation at 19th Non-Aligned Movement Summit

Non-Aligned Movement Summit

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar will be leading the Indian delegation at the 19th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), scheduled to take place in Kampala, Uganda, on January 19 and 20. This was confirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs in an official statement. The summit will involve discussions at both the ministerial and senior official levels. Additionally, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs, will represent India at the NAM Foreign Ministers’ meeting, which will precede the NAM summit. Furthermore, V. Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs, will represent India at the G-77 Third South Summit, which will be held in Kampala on January 21–22.

During the 19th NAM Summit-Ministerial Meeting in the Ugandan capital, Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh emphasized India’s call for restraint, de-escalation, and a peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy. He highlighted the significance of NAM as one of the world’s largest multilateral organizations in mobilizing support for the Global South. Singh stressed the importance of defending and nurturing NAM’s tradition of independence to ensure that the organization can set its own agenda.

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an international organization consisting of 120 member states, primarily from the Global South. It was established in 1961 during the Cold War as a platform for countries seeking to maintain their independence and sovereignty while avoiding alignment with any major power bloc. NAM aims to promote cooperation and solidarity among its member states on various political, economic, and social issues.

India has been an active member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) since its inception in 1961 and has played a significant role in shaping the organization’s agenda. As one of the founding members, India has consistently advocated for the principles of peaceful coexistence, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, and the right to self-determination.

The 19th NAM Summit, which India is participating in, is being held under the theme “Promoting International Peace and Security for Sustainable Development.” This theme is in line with India’s broader foreign policy objectives of promoting peace, stability, and development in the international arena.

India’s participation in the summit provides an opportunity to engage with other member states and discuss pressing global issues, including climate change, terrorism, and sustainable development. India’s commitment to multilateralism and its continued efforts to strengthen ties with countries of the Global South are reflected in its participation in the 19th NAM Summit.

The summit is a platform for India to showcase its leadership in the Global South and to enhance its diplomatic ties with other member states. India’s active involvement in NAM is also a testament to its commitment to promoting a just and equitable world order, where all nations can prosper and thrive.

India is all set to host the NAM summit, which is expected to serve as a crucial platform for the country to express its views on various global challenges and highlight its contributions to international peace and security. With the participation of numerous member states, the summit is expected to offer a great opportunity for India to explore avenues for enhancing cooperation with other countries in areas of mutual interest, including trade, investment, and technology transfer.

The summit is also expected to witness in-depth discussions and deliberations on a range of issues, including regional and global security, sustainable development, and climate change, among others. India is expected to play an active role in shaping the agenda and outcomes of the summit, and its active participation is likely to strengthen its position as a key player in the global arena.

In conclusion, India’s leadership at the 19th NAM Summit demonstrates its commitment to multilateralism and its active engagement with the Global South. The summit provides an important platform for India to promote its foreign policy objectives and strengthen ties with other member states. As a founding member of NAM, India’s participation in the summit reflects its continued efforts to shape the organization’s agenda and contribute to global peace, security, and sustainable development.

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