India is developing a Global framework for AI; PM Modi discusses imports of technology, deep fake news, and Chandrayaan

India is developing a Global framework for AI; PM Modi discusses imports of technology, deep fake news, and Chandrayaan

During a recent interview, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society. He emphasized the need for a global framework to govern the development and use of AI technologies, while also addressing concerns related to deepfake videos, technology import, and India’s recent space mission, Chandrayaan.

The Importance of a Global Framework

Prime Minister Modi stressed the significance of establishing a global framework for AI. He acknowledged that AI has the potential to transform various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, and education. However, he also highlighted the need to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly, with proper regulations in place.

By working on a global framework, India aims to collaborate with other countries in setting ethical standards, data protection policies, and guidelines for the responsible use of AI. This global approach will help prevent any misuse of AI technologies and foster trust among nations.

Tackling fake Videos

Deepfake videos, which use AI algorithms to manipulate or create realistic fake videos, have become a growing concern worldwide. Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the potential threats posed by deepfakes and stressed the need to address this issue collectively.

He emphasized the importance of developing AI tools and techniques to detect and counter deepfake videos. By investing in research and development, India aims to contribute to global efforts in combating fake news and protecting individuals and institutions from the harm they can cause.

Addressing the issue of defence technology, Modi highlighted India’s reliance on imports in certain sectors, underscoring the urgency for self-reliance. He stressed that India possesses the world’s largest talent pool, with global confidence in the nation’s potential to deliver cost-effective, superior, sustainable, and scalable solutions to global challenges.

While acknowledging the potential benefits of evolving technology, the Prime Minister cautioned about the rising challenges of cyber fraud. He urged vigilance in handling new technologies, particularly cautioning against the misleading authenticity of deepfake videos created through Generative AI.

“These videos, strikingly realistic, demand careful scrutiny before acceptance. India is emphasising a global framework for AI,” PM Modi cautioned, underscoring the importance of cautious and responsible technology usage.

Balancing Technology Import and Domestic Innovation

Prime Minister Modi also addressed concerns regarding technology import and the need for domestic innovation. He acknowledged that while India is open to collaboration and technology transfer, it is equally important to promote indigenous research and development.

India has been actively encouraging startups and entrepreneurs in the AI sector, providing them with the necessary support and resources to foster innovation. By promoting a healthy balance between technology import and domestic innovation, India aims to become a global leader in AI while also addressing its unique societal challenges.

Chandrayaan and India’s Space Exploration

During the interview, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the recent achievements of India’s space mission, Chandrayaan. He expressed his pride in the successful launch and landing of the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft on the moon’s surface.

He emphasized the role of AI in space exploration and how it can enhance our understanding of the universe. India’s space program has been actively leveraging AI technologies to analyze data, simulate space missions, and improve decision-making processes.

Prime Minister Modi also mentioned India’s plans for future space missions, including manned missions, and the potential contributions of AI in these endeavors.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s discussion on AI highlights India’s commitment to harnessing the potential of this transformative technology while ensuring responsible and ethical development. By advocating for a global framework, addressing concerns related to deepfake videos, balancing technology import and domestic innovation, and leveraging AI in space exploration, India aims to position itself as a leader in the AI domain.

With a focus on collaboration, regulation, and innovation, India’s approach to AI reflects a broader global effort to harness the benefits of this technology while mitigating its risks. By working together, countries can shape the future of AI in a way that is inclusive, ethical, and beneficial for all.

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