Nirmohi Akhara Receives Invitation for Pran Pratishtha Ceremony at Ram Temple

Nirmohi Akhara Receives Invitation

Nirmohi Akhara, a prominent Hindu religious sect, has recently received an invitation for the highly anticipated ‘pran prathishtha’ ceremony at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. This invitation comes as a significant development amidst speculations about the sect not being included in the event. Nirmohi Akhara, representing one of the ‘akharas’ of the Ramanandi order in the Vaishnava sect, is dedicated to the worship of the Hindu God Vishnu.

In a statement to ANI, Nirmohi Akhara Mahant Dinendra Das confirmed the participation of the sect in the ceremony. He mentioned that all 13 Mahants of the Nirmohi Akhara have been invited by Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, the trust responsible for the construction and management of the Ram Temple. Mahant Dinendra Das further added, “Every ‘Mahatma’ and political leader are being invited on behalf of our trust… There are currently 13 ‘panch’ in the Akhara. All of them have been invited. Other saints of the Akhara have also been invited, and everyone is coming too.

The invited members from Nirmohi Akhara include Mahant Dinendra Das, Sarpanch Mahant Raja Ramchandrachraya, Sarpanch Mahant Narsingh Das, Panch Mahant Ghanshyam Das, Panch Mahant Samrat Das, Panch Sitaram Das, Panch Madan Mohan Das, Panch Mahant Ramswaroop Das, Mahant Jagdish Das, Mahant Radhe Radhe, Mahant Ram Manohar Das, Mahant Bhagwan Das (Sringari), and Mahant Ram Sewak Das.

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The inclusion of Nirmohi Akhara in the ‘pran prathishtha’ ceremony holds great significance as it highlights the unity and inclusivity of the event. The ceremony, scheduled for January 22, marks the installation of the life force into the idols of deities, a crucial step in consecrating the temple.

The Ram Temple in Ayodhya has been a long-standing symbol of faith for millions of Hindus. The construction of the temple has been a subject of immense importance and has been a part of a legal dispute for several decades. The Supreme Court of India, in a historic verdict in 2019, ruled in favor of the construction of the Ram Temple at the disputed site, where the Babri Masjid once stood.

Since then, various religious and spiritual organizations have been eagerly awaiting their participation in the temple’s consecration ceremonies. The inclusion of Nirmohi Akhara, with its rich history and association with the Vaishnava sect, further adds to the grandeur and significance of the event.

The ‘pran prathishtha’ ceremony at the Ram Temple is expected to witness the presence of several dignitaries, political leaders, and spiritual leaders from across the country. It is a momentous occasion that not only marks the fulfillment of a long-standing aspiration but also symbolizes the unity and cultural heritage of India.


The invitation extended to Nirmohi Akhara and its acceptance with enthusiasm by the sect’s members highlight the spirit of inclusivity and the shared sense of devotion towards Lord Ram. The participation of Nirmohi Akhara in the ceremony serves as a testament to the peaceful coexistence of different religious sects within the Hindu faith.

As the preparations for the ‘pran prathishtha’ ceremony continue, the entire nation eagerly awaits the historic moment when the Ram Temple in Ayodhya becomes a reality. It is a milestone that not only holds immense religious significance but also serves as a symbol of unity and harmony in a diverse nation like India.

In conclusion, the invitation received by Nirmohi Akhara for the ‘pran prathishtha’ ceremony at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is a significant development that highlights the inclusivity and unity of the event. The participation of Nirmohi Akhara, along with other dignitaries and spiritual leaders, adds to the grandeur and cultural significance of the temple’s consecration.

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