The Diplomatic Crisis Between India and the Maldives: Tensions Rise Over Tourism Advertisement

Diplomatic Crisis

Diplomatic Crisis Between India and the Maldives The recent release of a tourism advertisement by India has sparked a diplomatic crisis between India and the Maldives, South Asia’s smallest nation and a popular tourist destination. The advertisement, which aimed to promote tourism in the Lakshadweep islands, has caused a heated exchange between the two countries, with ministers from the Maldives responding in coarse language on social media. Indian social media …

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Nagarjuna and Family Cancel Holiday Trip to Maldives

Nagarjuna Superstar Nagarjuna and his entire family have made the decision to cancel their much-anticipated holiday trip to the Maldives. The actor expressed his disappointment, stating that he had been looking forward to the getaway as he hadn’t been able to spend much time with his family lately. However, the reason behind this sudden change of plans is not solely personal. Nagarjuna cited recent comments made by Maldivian ministers against …

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EaseMyTrip Co-founder Announces Decision to Stop Bookings for Maldives

EaseMyTrip co-founder Prashant Pitti In a recent statement, Prashant Pitti, the co-founder of EaseMyTrip, a popular Indian travel company, announced a significant decision regarding their services. Pitti stated that the company will no longer accept bookings for the Maldives due to a recent controversy involving derogatory remarks made about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Highlighting the company’s commitment to nationalism and promoting Indian destinations, Pitti emphasized that EaseMyTrip is a …

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