Traffic Curbs for New Year: No Entry to Heavy Vehicles in Ghats Before Noon

No Entry to Heavy Vehicles


People everywhere are happy and excited during the New Year’s festivities. However, it also brings along with it certain challenges, one of which is the increased traffic congestion on popular highways and expressways. To ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid any inconvenience to commuters, authorities have implemented traffic curbs for the New Year period.

One of the measures taken to manage traffic congestion is a restriction on heavy vehicles entering the ghat areas before noon on Sundays. This restriction applies to the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway as well as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. By limiting the entry of heavy vehicles, the authorities aim to reduce the chances of traffic congestion and ensure a smoother travel experience for everyone.

Navi Mumbai: The Highway Safety Patrol (HSP) has prohibited large vehicles from entering the ghat area before noon on Sunday in order to prevent traffic congestion on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway and Mumbai Pune Expressway. This policy will be adhered to through December 31. This Christmas, a total of 55,868 vehicles traveled on the expressway and 21,135 vehicles traveled on the former Mumbai-Pune highway heading towards Pune. Because no heavy vehicle was allowed to enter the ghat, there was an increase in traffic.

“Several large vehicles slowed down as they were ascending the ghat, causing a heavy traffic jam that could have been avoided if they had not entered the ghat at all,” an HSP officer stated. In the meantime, the Navi Mumbai police commissioner has sent out 2,500 police officers for the New Year’s celebration, including 1,700 staff members, 53 inspectors, 176 assistant inspectors, six assistant commissioners, and three deputy commissioners.

The Navi Mumbai police have been instructed to make sure that hotels, bars, and other establishments do not break any rules. In addition, the police have threatened to file a lawsuit against these rule-breaking establishments. Hotels, resorts, and farmhouses in Panvel and the surrounding areas will probably be full on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, extra care will be taken to regulate traffic while considering the possibility of traffic congestion on the highway. For traffic control, traffic police officers will be stationed at different locations. Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic), Tirupati Kakade, stated, “We should keep a watch on drunk drivers.” “The traffic police will launch a special campaign against drunk driving, during which the suspected intoxicated driver will undergo a breathalyzer test and a medical examination. Those found guilty will face charges of a cognizable offense, according to Navi Mumbai Commissioner of Police Milind Bharambe.

Furthermore, law enforcement officials have dispatched staff to manage traffic and guarantee that bars and hotels comply with all regulations during the New Year’s festivities. This proactive step is taken to maintain law and order and prevent any untoward incidents from occurring. The presence of police personnel helps in managing the flow of vehicles and ensuring that traffic rules are followed diligently.

Furthermore, the Raigad police have taken an innovative approach to enhance surveillance during this period. They will be using drone cameras to monitor the ghat areas and keep a check on vehicles and establishments for any illegal activities, especially narcotics. This use of technology enables the police to have a bird’s-eye view of the situation and take necessary action promptly.

These traffic curbs and surveillance measures are put in place to ensure the safety and convenience of commuters during the New Year celebrations. By restricting heavy vehicles from entering the ghat areas before noon, the authorities aim to minimize traffic congestion and facilitate a smoother travel experience for all. The presence of police personnel helps in maintaining law and order and prevents any violations by bars and hotels.

The use of drone cameras by the Raigad police adds an extra layer of surveillance and enables them to keep a close watch on vehicles and establishments for any illegal activities, particularly those related to narcotics. This use of technology showcases the commitment of the police to ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone during the New Year period.

As we welcome the New Year with open arms, it is essential to remember the importance of following traffic rules and regulations. By cooperating with the authorities and adhering to the traffic curbs, we can contribute to a hassle-free and enjoyable New Year celebration for ourselves and others on the road.

Let us embrace the spirit of the New Year while also being responsible citizens on the road. Together, we can make the transition into the new year a smooth and memorable experience for everyone.

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