Disruption of Train Services between Bangalore and Mangaluru from Tomorrow

Disruption of Train Services between Bangalore and Mangaluru from Tomorrow

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Starting tomorrow, train services between Bangalore and Mangaluru will be disrupted due to the cancellation and diversion of trains. This is a result of the pre-NI blocks for the Hassan yard remodeling work.

The remodeling work in the Hassan yard is essential to improving the efficiency and safety of train operations in the area. However, it will temporarily impact the train services connecting Bangalore and Mangaluru.

South Western Railway (SWR) is set to cancel almost all trains between Bengaluru and Mangaluru and some other trains on different dates from December 14 to 22. SWR made this announcement to undertake yard remodelling at Hassan Junction Railway Station.

The Railway Ministry has approved taking up pre-non-interlocking for five days from December 14 to December 18. A notification from the Principal Chief Operations Manager of SWR stated. The notification further stated that non-interlocking for remodelling will take place for four days from December 19 to December 22 at Hassan’s yard.

Cancelled Trains

The Bengaluru-Kannur-Bengaluru and Bengaluru-Karwar-Bengaluru Panchaganga Express overnight services will remain cancelled during this remodeling activity.

Passengers planning to travel between these two cities during this period are advised to check the revised schedule and plan their journey accordingly. The cancellation and diversion of trains may cause some inconvenience, but it is necessary to ensure the smooth progress of the remodeling work.

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