WFI President to File a Legal Challenge Against Government Suspension

WFI President to File a Legal Challenge Against Government Suspension

In a recent development, the newly-elected president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), Sanjay Singh, has expressed his intention to challenge the government’s decision to suspend the national body in court. According to Singh, the sports ministry did not follow the “proper procedure” while taking this action.

The WFI was suspended by the sports ministry just three days after its elections were held. The suspension came as a result of the federation allegedly flouting its own constitution while making certain decisions, including the announcement of U-15 and U-20 national championships.

Still, Sanjay insisted that the government could not have suspended his “autonomous” and “democratically elected” body without first hearing the WFI’s side of the story.

“We have triumphed democratically in the WFI elections.” There were observers from the IOA and UWW (United World Wrestling), and the returning officer was the retired chief justice of the J&K High Court. I received forty of the 47 votes that were cast, out of the 22 state units (three out of the 25 state associations) that participated in the elections, Sanjay told PTI.

“After everything that has happened, we will not accept being suspended. The Indian Constitution guarantees everyone the right to natural justice, and it is against this principle that a democratically elected body is not allowed to clarify its stance.”

He responded, “WFI is an autonomous body, and the government has not followed proper procedure,” when asked what his body’s future holds. We will consult with the government, and should the suspension not be rescinded, we will seek legal advice and file a lawsuit.”

He stated that he does not accept the three-member ad hoc committee that the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) established on Wednesday to manage the day-to-day operations of the national sports body since the WFI is challenging the suspension.

Singh, who was elected as the president of WFI, believes that the government’s decision was unjust and lacked adherence to the proper protocol. He has decided to take legal action to challenge the suspension and ensure that the federation’s rights are protected.

While the sports ministry has cited the violation of the federation’s constitution as the reason for the suspension, Singh argues that the proper procedure was not followed during the decision-making process. By challenging the government’s decision in court, he aims to highlight any irregularities and seek justice for the WFI.

This move by the WFI president reflects the federation’s commitment to upholding transparency and fairness in its operations. Singh’s decision to take the matter to court demonstrates his determination to protect the interests of the wrestling community in India.

The suspension of the WFI has raised concerns among wrestling enthusiasts and athletes alike. The national body plays a crucial role in promoting and organizing wrestling events across the country. The suspension has put a halt to the ongoing preparations for the U-15 and U-20 national championships, which were eagerly anticipated by young wrestlers.

While the legal battle unfolds, it is important to note that the suspension of the WFI does not only affect the federation but also has consequences for the wrestlers and the sport as a whole. The absence of a recognized national body could potentially disrupt the smooth functioning of wrestling events and hinder the development of aspiring wrestlers.

It remains to be seen how the court will respond to the WFI’s challenge. The outcome of this legal battle will have far-reaching implications for the future of wrestling in India. It will not only determine the fate of the suspended federation but also set a precedent for how such situations are handled in the future.

As the wrestling community awaits the court’s decision, all stakeholders must come together and find a resolution that ensures the fair and transparent functioning of the WFI. The interests of the athletes and the sport should be prioritized, and any discrepancies or violations should be addressed in a just and timely manner.

Ultimately, the aim should be to create an environment that fosters the growth and success of wrestling in India. This can only be achieved through cooperation, open dialogue, and adherence to the principles of good governance.

In conclusion, the decision by the newly-elected president of the WFI, Sanjay Singh, to challenge the government’s suspension in court reflects the federation’s commitment to upholding transparency and fairness. The legal battle will not only determine the fate of the suspended federation but also set a precedent for the future of wrestling in India. It is imperative for all stakeholders to work together to find a resolution that prioritizes the interests of the athletes and ensures the continued growth of the sport.

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