YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix Will Not Offer Dedicated Apps for Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

The highly anticipated launch of Apple Vision Pro on February 2, 2024, will not include dedicated apps from popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. Instead, these companies recommend using a web browser to access their content on the device.

According to a statement from a YouTube spokesperson, users will be able to access YouTube through Safari on the Vision Pro. However, YouTube has decided against enabling its iPad application to function on the Apple Vision Pro. This means that users will need to rely on the web browser to enjoy YouTube content on the device.

Similarly, a Netflix spokesperson informed Bloomberg that Netflix members will be able to enjoy their favorite shows and movies on the web browser of the Vision Pro, just like they can on Macs. While this may not be as convenient as having a dedicated app, it still provides access to Netflix’s extensive library of content.

The current selection of streaming applications available for the Vision Pro includes popular platforms like Disney, ESPN, Max, Discovery, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, Peacock, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, TikTok, NBA, MLB, and PGA Tour. These apps offer a wide range of entertainment options, including video streaming, sports, and social media.

Apple has positioned the Vision Pro as a hub for video streaming, gaming, and various entertainment activities. However, the absence of key entertainment applications like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix during the device’s debut may pose a setback for the tech giant headquartered in Cupertino.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s biggest product debut since the 2015 Apple Watch, and it will face competition from other virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices in the market. One of the notable competitors is Meta’s Quest 3 device, which is priced starting at USD 500, making it a more affordable option compared to the Vision Pro’s USD 3,500 price tag.

While the Vision Pro offers advanced features and capabilities, the availability of popular streaming apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix plays a crucial role in attracting consumers. These apps have a large user base and offer a vast library of content, making them essential for many users’ entertainment needs.

Although YouTube and Netflix have provided alternatives through web browsers, the lack of dedicated apps may impact the overall user experience. Dedicated apps often provide a more seamless and optimized experience compared to accessing content through a web browser.

Customers purchasing Apple Vision Pro will not be disappointed by those services because it is a pricey product (it starts at $3,499 and caters to a narrow range of use cases). Since they both probably already use rival Apple platforms like Apple TV+, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music, developers, and Apple enthusiasts will probably be the first in line.

With at least an iPad app port, the majority of other third-party streaming services are adopting Apple Vision Pro. With complete 3D environments to watch content from, such as Tatooine or the Scare Floor, the Disney+ app is making its debut on the platform.

The news is not particularly shocking because Google typically adopts new Apple platforms and features slowly, despite their defiant attitude. Similar circumstances exist for Spotify, with the exception that it is typically more outspokenly critical of Apple and its business practices.

On January 19, the Apple Vision Pro will go up for pre-order with a starting price of $3,499. On February 2, it is shipped to customers.

It remains to be seen whether YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix will eventually release dedicated apps for the Apple Vision Pro in the future. In the meantime, users can still enjoy a wide range of entertainment options through the available streaming applications on the device.

In conclusion, the launch of the Apple Vision Pro on February 2, 2024, will not include dedicated apps from YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. Users will need to access these platforms through a web browser on the device. While this may be a temporary setback for Apple, the Vision Pro still offers a range of streaming applications for users to enjoy.

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